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Benjamin Curé

Director || Founder

Ben Curé is the founder and director of the Melbourne based Lion Heart Dance Company. Over his career he has worked to establish himself as one of Melbourne's leading choreographers and a highly sought after teacher. Curé has directed and produced a number of original works including "The Scarlet Trace", "Table of Eight" and "Fabricated" and worked as a dancer with companies like Opera Australia and Vertical Shadows. Curé has built networks across a broad range of artists and innovators and continuously strives to build opportunities for working dancers within the Melbourne industry. As a teacher his passion and determination are infectious, as a choreographer his work is challenging and engaging and as a dancer he is raw and unique.

Annabelle Wanstall

Creative administrator

Annabelle Wanstall completed fulltime dance training at The Space Dance & Arts Centre and Kelly Aykers Fulltime Dance. During this time, she choreographed and worked on a number of fringe shows and now runs a youth dance company as well as teaching at a variety of schools. Annabelle loves supporting other people’s dreams and work with them to make ideas into a reality.